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How does the technology work?

WaveStopper Technology uses the principle of electromagnetic shielding: radiation cannot pass through a tight conductive grid if the diameter of the holes of the knit is smaller than its wavelength (picture going through a fence if the holes are smaller than your head). WaveStopper creates an effective electromagnetic shield that protects your body from wireless radiation by seamlessly integrating close-knit conductive SilverFlex fibers completely surrounding Lambs apparel. You can read more in-depth here.

WaveStopper  features a full layer of SilverFlex  fibers. Silver provides the conductivity necessary for WaveStopper  to be an effective electromagnetic shield. In addition, it brings natural antimicrobial, "stink-free", heat regulating, and hypoallergenic properties to all of Lambs' apparel. SilverFlex fibers are toxic-free, do not use any nano-particles, and cannot be scratched off or washed out.

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