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Why does my cell phone still ring when placed inside my Lambs?

This is a great (and common) question!

The most important thing to know is that the intended use of your Lambs is to protect radiation from reaching your body, not from protecting radiation from getting out of your Lambs. Therefore, the way in which you are have performed the test is actually to see how effective your Lambs are at keeping radiation inside, which, of course, is not the intention. The other thing to note is that the only proper way to test the effectiveness of radiation blocking is in a lab (which you can read about how we did ours here).

With that being said, if you really want to test your Lambs at home, here are a few tips - but please bear in mind this is not a proper scientific test.  Start by first purchasing a high-quality EMF meter.

Then the best way to measure blockage of radiation with this reader is with the product worn or fully closed around your body. Another way to test is to place the reader inside and wrap it with your Lambs. Place your phone near and around the reader (wrapped with Lambs) to measure the percentage of radiation that reaches the reader. Think of the reader as your body - our body is inside the product and our cell phone is outside the product so you want to replicate that with the EMF meter to see how much radiation reaches inside.

Here are a few videos that have helped us understand the concept a bit more (which includes a video from an independent YouTuber)

EMF Meter Test

Eggs in a Microwave

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