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FAQs regarding your Lambs


Is it heavy because of the silver?

Nope! We have woven the silver fibers in with the others in a way that creates a soft and comfortable feel. You are able to easily replace your Lambs with your go-to, every day apparel!

How soft are the products?

We have worked closely with former Lululemon experts to develop a light-weight, breathable, and extremely comfortable fabric to make Lambs not only the healthiest apparel you'll ever wear, but also extremely comfortable daily wear.

Does the silver contain nano-particles?

No it does not. The reason some products with silver can be harmful is because the fibers are infused with nano-particles of silver. These nano-particles can shed from the fiber it is infused with and, in turn, can be absorbed into the body. At Lambs

What makes your products hypoallergenic?

The simple answer: the silver lining of our fabric. Silver is 100% hypoallergenic and is even recommended to be worn for those that have been diagnosed with certain skin diseases.

What makes your products antibacterial?

Silver fibers have naturally occurring antimicrobial / antibacterial properties.

Does it protect against UVA / UVB rays?

Our fabric has been tested in a military-grade laboratory and was given the rating of being UPF 50+ (the highest protection against UVA/UVB rays).

Will this set off the security scanner going through TSA?

Yes, it will set off the scanner! You can either wear it through TSA and see it for yourself, or wait until you get through the scanner to change into your Lambs.

Is black the only color you offer?

As a part of our regular production, black is currently the only color we will be consistently producing in order to better keep up with the demand. HOWEVER...we do 2-3x monthly color drops for our products. If you want early access to these Limited

Can I purchase your material to create my own products?

While this is not our focus now, this could be something we do down the line. Right now, we want to put our energy and resources into continuing to develop and expand upon our current offerings.

What type of radiation does this protect me from? What frequencies does it block?

WaveStopper™  features a full layer of SilverFlex™  fibers. Silver provides the conductivity necessary for WaveStopper™  to be an effective electromagnetic shield. In addition, it brings natural antimicrobial, "stink-free", heat regulating, and hypoa