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The most FAQs pm the ins-and-outs of your Lambs.


Does it protect pacemakers / ICDs or interfere with devices like a hearing aid?

We recommend you consult your doctor about this, we have not gone through testing with our fabric and these kinds of medical devices.

How does the technology work?

WaveStopper™ Technology uses the principle of electromagnetic shielding: radiation cannot pass through a tight conductive grid if the diameter of the holes of the knit is smaller than its wavelength (picture going through a fence if the holes are sma

How do you test your materials? Are they independent results?

We test our material in military-grade laboratories. You can find the results for both the UPF testing and EMF radiation testing here and here. They are independent labs of which we have no personal association with.

Why does my cell phone still ring when placed inside my Lambs?

This is a great (and common) question!. The most important thing to know is that the intended use of your Lambs is to protect radiation from reaching your body, not from protecting radiation from getting out of your Lambs. Therefore, the way in which

How can I test my lambs / how can I see that they are working?

Read this article :)

Do my Lambs need to be grounded?

Nope! Your Lambs, and EMF shielding products for that matter, do not need to be grounded to be effective. EMF coming from common devices do not emit sufficiently high electrical charges to need to be grounded. Only cases were a shielding needs to be

What keeps me from being an antenna while wearing your products?

The protection created by Lambs is a mix of reflection and absorption. With the full 360º lining inside our products, we cover more than enough surface area to not act as an antenna.